Backup And Disaster Recovery

Secure Cloud storage services and 100% guaranteed recovery solutions

We always analyze and employ a personalized BDR solution that fits your needs.

Professional Backup And Disaster Recovery Service in Iceland:

From hardware failure to natural disasters, there are many reasons why organizational data may be lost. For both startups and enterprise-grade organizations, the smooth operation of IT systems is key towards developing effectivity. With the help of on-site BDR systems such situations can be easily averted and business downtime can be completely avoided.

  • Our primary goal while setting up BDR systems is to ensure that data is protected against all forms of intentional and unintentional disasters.
  • Our monitoring team is always at work ensuring that all nodes of our client organizations are analyzed to provide the right backup and recovery solutions.
  • We also ensure that your budget stays protected against sudden losses and that you can mitigate any data-loss problems with the quickest turnaround time.
  • Warranty for all hardware and software and compatible with a wide range of industries and segments.

All-Round Protection

Our BDR systems protect against local server failover so mission critical applications remain protected

Upgrade Your System

Upgrade all servers to Dell PowerEdge hardware to ensure industry-grade data storage configurations.

Wide Range Of Recovery Options

Turnkey disaster recovery solutions ensured as well as on-premise backup for quick recovery.

Secure Cloud Backup

Even in the worst case scenario, rest assured knowing that your data can recovered with a single click.

Empower your organization with TeckPath’s cloud backup and data recovery solutions

The critical nature of digital systems is often realized only when a disaster strikes. From spilled drinks to earthquakes, there are aspects that one can never control. This is why companies across the world make use of BDR systems, and stay protected against all possible situations.

Create a safer tech ecosystem with our cutting edge BDR solutions

If you’re pushing data backup and recovery systems to a late date, you never know when disaster will strike. Create an in-house solution today and stay safe 24×7.

On-Site Solutions

We don’t just provide cloud solutions, rather, we employ both on-site and online measures to backup your data.

Improved Systems

We run a thorough check of all your storage systems and upgrade them to industry-best standards as required.

Critical Control

You are the one who always stays in control of your data. Recover it with one click at any point of time.

IT Safety

At the end of the day, it’s about keeping your organization safe. Our BDR solutions concentrates on ensuring safety

Constant Monitoring

We are always looking for ways to upgrade the solutions we deploy, so you will always have access to the best BDR services.

Personalized Services

We curate our services specifically for you. So, you will never have to pay for anything that you don’t need.

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