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About us, IT Support Company in Iceland


We believe in providing a solution that puts people first and technology second.


Obtain, practice, and implement class-leading practices that help our customers go beyond IT.


Identify, target, and visualize ideas to a better CONNECTED tomorrow.
Why US
TeckPath is a full-service IT support and service provider with a strong presence in Canada (Calgary, Toronto, etc.) and a growing influence in Iceland. As an organization founded upon extensive research, practical experience, and careful planning, TeckPath takes pride in delivering tailored IT solutions designed to address the specific needs of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.
Our Core Values

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities through Technology.


The ability to easily add or remove users and resources as needed.


Robust security features to protect data and systems from unauthorized access.


Compliance with industry regulations and standards.


The ability to meet or exceed performance requirements.

Simplify. Optimize. Excel.

At TeckPath, we value Integrity, Knowledge, and Innovation. We prioritize people over technology, constantly seek to learn and implement industry-leading practices, and aim to envision and bring forth ideas for a better-connected tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our vision is to break free from the confines of slow-moving and static operations. TeckPath offers a centralized approach to IT, enabling businesses to deal with one comprehensive technology solutions provider for all their needs.

We’re committed to working with complete transparency, allowing our clients to understand and navigate the world of IT. Our partnership approach enables us to chart out a path to success alongside our clients, embracing the continuous evolution of technology to guide them toward success.

At TeckPath, we’re more than just an IT service provider. We’re your trusted partner in the journey towards a better, more efficient, and successful business future.

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