The cultural similarities of Canada and Iceland the reason TeckPath chose its expansion to Iceland

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TeckPath, as a leading Canadian technology services provider, found the expansion into Iceland to be a strategic and sensible move. While Canada and Iceland might not seem like the most obvious pairing at first glance, they share several cultural and environmental similarities that made this decision quite fitting.

High Educational Level and Technological Literacy

Both Canada and Iceland have a high standard of education and strong emphasis on technological literacy. These similarities make it easy for TeckPath to find the skilled employees it needs for its operations. They can hire locally, which saves time and money on training and immigration costs.

Stable Political Climate and Strong Rule of Law

Both countries enjoy a stable political environment and robust rule of law. This allows businesses to operate with a degree of confidence and security, knowing that their investments and operations are safeguarded against political upheaval or sudden changes in regulations.

Strong Cultural Emphasis on Sustainability

Both Canada and Iceland have a strong cultural emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness. As a company that prioritizes green technologies and sustainable practices, TeckPath aligns well with the values of both nations. Iceland’s abundant renewable energy resources, like geothermal and hydroelectric power, would also align with TeckPath’s commitments to environmentally responsible operation.


While Icelandic is the official language of Iceland, English is widely spoken, much like in Canada. This eliminates a potential barrier to business and makes it easier for TeckPath to communicate with local partners, employees, and clients.

Positive Attitude towards Innovation

Both countries demonstrate a positive attitude towards innovation, particularly in the technology sector. This cultural trait allows tech companies like TeckPath to experiment, innovate, and grow their offerings without excessive restrictions.

Shared Values

Canada and Iceland share similar societal values such as equality, inclusivity, and respect for diversity. These shared values foster a positive environment for TeckPath’s operations and can help the company better integrate into Icelandic society.

These cultural and societal similarities between Canada and Iceland offered a smoother pathway for TeckPath’s expansion. It not only allowed the company to replicate their successful business model but also integrate easily into the Icelandic society, making the transition relatively seamless. 

“Thus, the shared cultural attributes, along with the unique technological opportunities present in Iceland, made it an ideal choice for TeckPath's international expansion.”


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